Tuesday, July 08, 2008

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Two Tidbits

Italy gave us DaVinci and Puccini and we give them...

cheesy bacon nuggets!

One possible solution to the salmonella scare:
DALLAS -- While the FDA has now issued a warning for salsa and guacamole in connection to the tomato salmonella scare, many people are putting their appetites over the advisories. Mario Herrera, a diner at La Calle Doce in Dallas, says, "We don't have to be concerned about what they say. It's about the food." La Calle Doce, a Mexican restaurant located in Dallas, has remained very busy. Despite the FDA advisory, the restaurant has not stopped serving tomatoes. Jesus Sanchez, the restaurant's owner, said, "We're making sure that everything we serve is thoroughly washed."

Even though the FDA has expanded the salmonella warning, Sanchez said they aren't taking pico de gallo or guacamole off the menu, stating, "I think the FDA really needs to pinpoint the source because they go from one thing to another to another. … If they stop all the shipments of fruits and vegetables coming from Mexico, can you imagine what's going to happen to the price?" Anita Bivens, another diner at the restaurant, said, "As a Christian, you just pray over your food and you just trust that God is going to provide and take care of you."

Fitting that the restaurant owner's name is Jesus. Dad must be hanging around, right?


At 10:08 AM, Blogger DanMel said...

My friend and I started a group on Facebook for those who "survived" the Delphi program. I googled it and ran across your blog which was both hilarious and an immediate flashback to the wierdness of that program. We would love to have you join the group. Glad to run across you...you made my day!


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