Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dear Universe

4,000 Danes are likely to have salmonella poisoning and we still don't know what caused our own salmonella outbreak and the beef recall is expanding and have you ever read about the scalding tank that is used to process plucked chickens?

I swear, too much time at this place and I'd never want to eat again.

Fringe rehearsals are going well. I think it's going to be a blast, and hopefully, unlike anything else playing at the festival. Perhaps somewhat unlike any recent theater experience had by audiences. Which I think will be cool. It's not any single element that is going to sell this one, rather very much the sum of its parts. We were already singled out by the going-out-gurus. So get your tickets. (At our first fringe I tried to stalk Fritz Hahn when I saw we had reserved a press ticket for him to see LUNCH. I was unsuccessful. I am much less of a GOG groupie now, but still manage to read their column every now and then, though it was Ms. Grastorf who pointed out this one.)

Other news. Most of you know this but I start a new *real* job next week. More about that to come but keep your eyes peeled on the Theater J blog for lots of fun news.

Speaking of. My shows next year. Three first-timers. I'm very excited.

In October: AS AMERICAN AS by Ken Prestininzi with Journeymen Theater Ensemble
In April: THE RISE AND FALL OF ANNIE HALL by Sam Forman with Theater J
In May: BRUISE EASY by Dan LeFranc with Catalyst Theater Company

So many things to be jazzed about right now.

But first, a break. We're going up to Massachusetts for two days to celebrate the holidays with C's family. I have been assured that I will be allowed to sleep late even if no one else does. I plan to take advantage of this.

And a question, briefly, for the universe. Why can't I just let things go? Why do I still think about the people who have made me feel shitty over the years, and why do I do this when it only makes me feel shitty all over again? This is what I don't understand. This is what I'd like to stop doing. And I need a hair cut.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Dantehicks36 said...

Why can't we let things go? Its a tough question since I don't know you that well personaly, but since I am serving as the universe to answer this question it seems to me people that wear their heart on their sleeves always feel this no matter what happens, some show it more and some show it less. The only thing one can do is the same thing an actor does, feel the feelings, let them exisits and then move to the next thing.

As for you hair I like it the length it is.

At 10:41 AM, Blogger april47 said...

Go with the flow - it's in you genes!
Some of us have asked that question so many times in our long, long life, it's almost boring! Genetics provide more information in our personalities than we'd like.


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