Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Heat Induced

I have an intense case of the hiccups right now. Almost painful. Par the course for this week.

What I keep trying to explain to people without managing to quite be clear is this. My body, which has been amazingly resilient for its 32 and 11/12ths years, may be rebelling against me. I don't understand it. The cough I had a month ago came back and is lingering. I had insomnia last week worse than I've had since my mid-twenties. And I had a heightened emotional experience on sunday that had me throwing up in the bathroom of a Glover Park deli three hours later while C placed sandwich orders.


I have to believe that this too will pass.

C posited that I might be emerging as a late bloomer hypochondriac. I worried that I was suddenly one of those mystery illness women like I read about last week in Carolyn Hax.

Or maybe it's the heat.

The heat makes people do bizarro things. Today, for me, it somehow improved everyones customer service. I was given free copies at Kinkos when their printer malfunctioned. Then the cashier at Chop't gave me a free cookie. Then Jackie and I found our savior-shuttle-man to take us back and forth from the Vienna Metro while we work on a play with Theater for the First Amendment out at George Mason University. But that's a story for another post. This week has already been an adventure and a half, and I kind of think it will only get weirder.

Speaking of weird, my newly sort-of blogging brother has a story about heat-induced foibles over here at his shiny new website.

And from the land where it is never too hot: I found someone on facebook yesterday who I haven't had contact with in about eight years--since she moved to the west coast. I remember her as being a relatively bright and well-read human being. And I have to say, her profile made her sound mind-blowingly shallow, with mentions of her newly emerging celebrity friends and a list of every element of her workout routine. And not much else. And I started to wonder, does LA make you stupid?

Careful LA friends. Don't let the sunshine melt your brains.


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